Higher Education IT-specialists across Europe are facing similar challenges. Imagine bringing them together to work on common solutions. The Open Source University Alliance is about pooling the expertise of those specialist that are developing software to manage student mobility by creating a unique repository where developers can share their experiences and solutions by sharing their code.

By creating an open repository of source code and software, the higher education community will have full access to the necessary tools to meet the demands that they are posed with today. The core of the Open Source University Alliance will be composed by HEIs willing to lead by example with regards to sharing open source solutions developed by their respective teams.

For HEIs that are in the need of developing IT tools that can support the management of, for example, their student mobility, they are forced do it largely on their own. Either by developing something new from scratch or by updating the software they have previously developed themselves. This process is not only slow and inefficient, but also expensive. An alternative to working individually is for the higher education community to share the source code of their applications, eliminating redundancy. By doing so, the HEIs would both dramatically accelerate their ability to maintain state of the art systems and enhance the efficiency and cost management for their digital systems. The advantages would also extend beyond this, and promote real collaboration and exchange of expertise among IT teams, which in turn would lead to higher security and quality standards.

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