The EWP Hub is the overall community of services and tools that directly or indirectly use the EWP network. The EWP network itself is technical infrastructure, but of course it is the tools that will make the difference.

EWP aims to become a standard for data exchange in Higher Education. In the project the primary aim is to provide tools to connect HEIs with respect to student mobility. It aims to become the de facto standard for the successor of the present Erasmus+ Programme from 2021 onwards.

But Erasmus Without Paper is more than that. Instead of reinventing the wheel, it aims to streamline existing technical solutions by bringing tools together and connecting them through the network. All of these interconnected tools together is the EWP Hub. This also includes the initiative of the University open Source alliance (UOSA) and the collaboration with other (purely) IT projects that are collectively known as the CEF Digital projects. We are in an intense consultation phase with the European Commission to streamline such projects with the innovation projects of Erasmus+.

In addition, we have already provided within the project for a connection to the Erasmus+ Dashboard, the Egracons grade conversion tool, the institutional Manager of the University of Porto, the European Student Card project (ESC) and the Mobility Tool+ of the Erasmus programme.  

EWP is also involved in the ELMO educational data standard, is linked to the global initiatives of the Groningen Declaration Network  and aims to collaborate with EMREX.